If you want to rent a function room for an event, you need to make a requirements checklist. This will cover what you need to get from a facility for it to work for your event. The following information will make it possible to avoid wasting your money.

A facility needs to have WiFi access. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to think of a way to get devices online if your event calls for it. When people do offer wireless internet access, you have to get the password if there is one so that you can pass it out and let people get online. Make sure you go and test it out before people show up. Run a speed test or at least see if you can even get online because some places offer the internet and it doesn’t work for one reason or another.

Requirements need to include a clean facility. If they don’t keep it in nice shape, then it’s not really worth the money you’re paying to use it. Go there before you agree to rent and don’t just base your choice on photos someone shows you. You never know, someone may have taken those photos a long time ago and it’s no longer what the place looks like at all. If you notice it’s not clean or something is wrong, let the rental company know. They may fix it up for you and make it worth it, or you can just go elsewhere.

The place should be in an area where people can reach it and have a parking spot. It is helpful to drive around the building to see what’s available in terms of parking. You don’t want people to show up and have nowhere to go. If people end up getting ticketed for parking close or they have to pay extra, you may end up not having many people show up. If there is no good parking, see if you can find a spot nearby that you can pay to use for a few hours for a lower rate.

Another thing to check out is what the price will be. You won’t really know what is fair until you find out what a few different people are offering. Some people will try to get you to pay an obscene amount per hour and then you’ll end up going over the time and may have to pay more fees. Find out what they can charge at the most and if they leave it open then you may want to be careful. There are people that have good deals, you just have to look for them among all of the people trying to make a quick buck.

When you make a function room facilities requirements checklist, you won’t miss out on features you have to have if the event is to go well. You don’t want to spend cash on a place that won’t work or that has issues you can’t handle during your event.